The Shop at the CAC receives 2018 Good Design is Good Business Award

Awards Press Project News July 5, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that The Shop at the CAC has been recognized with a 2018 Good Design is Good Business award from Architectural Record!

Architectural Record’s annual Good Design Is Good Business Awards recognizes exemplary architectural solutions that were instrumental in the growth and success of a range of businesses. Each year, AR’s editors single out diverse projects for their contributions to attracting and retaining talent, enhancing employee well-being, improving community relations, and, ultimately, boosting the client’s bottom line.

Here is a snippet of the write-up on the project from Architectural Record:

“The Contemporary Art Center’s director and CEO, Neil Barclay describes The Shop’s arrival, in September, as ‘transformational.’ But the transformations aren’t just architectural. One of the quieter aspects of the deal was a smart and synergistic arrangement whereby members of the Shop automatically become members of the museum. As it turns out, the 300 or so new members have been fairly active ones. ‘We noticed their participation during our annual fundraiser,’ Barclay says. The bustle and activity above the CAC also sends the right signal to the funding world. ‘Although we’re not entirely dependent on foundations,’ he adds, ‘they’re a big part of our income, and they like to see that we’re making money the old-fashioned way: earning it with the assets we have.'”

Head to the awards announcement for full-details on Architectural Record’s website for the full award announcement and project feature.

Congratulations to our partners on this project for their hard work and dedication that led to this great honor:

Structural Engineer Pace Group, LLC

Photo by Neil Alexander


Photo by Neil Alexander


Photos by Neil Alexander


Photo by Neil Alexander


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