RENEGADE SERIES, Edition 5: Lauren Cashio on Balance vs. Integration

“With a work-life balance mentality, I always felt like I was short-changing one aspect of my life to succeed in another. Like most modern women, I want to raise a family while continuing to pursue my career. Palmisano’s method of work-life integration allows me the flexibility I need to excel in both my professional and personal life.

The demands of working in the construction industry can make it easy to neglect your health. Our company wellness program encourages employees to take care of themselves. Throughout the week, I have multiple opportunities to participate in instructor-led workouts including interval training, Crossfit, and yoga. Even with working long hours and raising a family, I am in the best shape of my life! In addition to the wellness program, Palmisano encourages employees to press pause on work to participate in fun events such themed happy hours, book clubs, and football leagues. These activities are a great way to build relationships with co-workers and blow off some steam. We put a lot of focus on employee experience and it shows in how dedicated and hard-working our team is.”

– Lauren Cashio, People Ops

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