• IN PROGRESS: City of New Orleans – Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks
  • IN PROGRESS: City of New Orleans – Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks
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City of New Orleans - Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks

Repairing roadways and water mains across 20 streets and 41 blocks

With a grant from FEMA, the City of New Orleans selected Palmisano’s Civil Team as the choice partner to perform rehabilitation of roadways and water mains throughout the Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks neighborhoods in New Orleans. These utilities were compromised during Hurricane Katrina and deteriorated over time, causing such issues as area flooding during heavy rains and low water pressure. The project spans 20 over 41 blocks, and includes adding ADA compliant ramps to sidewalks and entryways throughout the neighborhoods. When complete in March 2019, the team will have laid 148,000 SF of new concrete roadway and installed 4,000 feet of new water main.

Additional aspects of the project scope include demolition of existing roadway, excavation and base course install for new roadway, abandoning defunct water main with concrete, and rehabbing drainage structures.

Our Approach

The Palmisano team looks at the project through the lens of a resident, sequencing construction activities in the most efficient and effective way possible to cause the least disturbance to those living in the Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks neighborhoods. The team addresses main corridors and roadways first, and then isolates work to ensure that limited areas are being effected at a given time. Production planning meetings with field personnel and subcontractors are held daily to make sure that quality standards are met and the schedule remains on track. Shooting grade elevations are conducted prior to moving into new blocks of work to ensure that new roads will not hold water, saving time and money. To avoid damage to existing utilities and prevent earth collapse while repairing water mains, a horizontal directional drill is used. Delays due to pending government approvals and processes are addressed by strategically looking at scheduling.

Client Testimonial

Neighborhood Impact

While the City of New Orleans is the client, so are the residents of the Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks neighborhoods. We understand that construction activities to improve infrastructure, while important and needed, may negatively affect the day-to-day life of those living in the area. Palmisano aims to mitigate disruption as much as possible by notifying residents in advance of construction activities to explain upcoming work. The team makes themselves available to hear concerns, address questions, and provide answers in a timely manner. Additional measures taken to help minimize potential disruption to residents are installing sediment control to catch basins to prevent stormwater pollution, providing maintenance aggregate to ensure residents are still able to access driveways and sidewalks, and pruning trees and landscaping when applicable.

Neighborhood Impact

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