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Biomedical District Plant

Building the infrastructure of quality health care.

The new Biomedical District Steam Plant provides steam to many of the critical and noncritical facilities in the New Orleans Biomedical District, including the LSU Medical Center. Palmisano constructed elements of the building envelope and performed a complete build out of the steam plant control room, bunkroom, offices, conference room, break room, and restrooms. Palmisano completed the industrial coatings for piping, equipment and tanks, and fireproofing of structural members throughout the plant as well.

To deliver the capacity to operate continuously and independently, both nonpotable water and fuel oil will be stored on site, supporting a critical steam load of 50,000 pph. Other key resiliency features include: N+1 redundancy, 20 feet of flood mitigation, 7 days of fuel storage, 7 days of water storage, diesel emergency generator, design for CAT-3 (150 mph) wind loading, hardened electrical service entrance, and personnel bunkroom.

Our Approach

Burns & McDonnell, Palmisano’s hiring general contractor on the project, hold themselves and their work to scrupulous safety standards. Palmisano was able to work effectively and efficiently within these guidelines without delay, helping us deepen our partnership with the firm. We view every client through the same lens, regardless if they are the project owner or if we are operating as a subcontractor. We deliver on our promise to never rest until the client is happy.

The Accolades

Community Impact

In the event that natural disaster once again strikes New Orleans, the sick are likely to be one of the most vulnerable populations. The Biomedical District Steam Plant can provide enough steam to keep the district in continuous operation for up to seven days, potentially saving the lives of hundreds of patients and providing shelter for many more. Palmisano took this into account when working on this project, providing the highest quality of construction.

Community Impact

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